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When in Bangkok, make sure to try some Mango Sticky Rice. It’s a staple in Bangkok and a favorite of many people from countries without mangoes. This dish is made with chewy, sticky rice topped with sweet mangoes and mango pudding. Only Yours is a great place to get some.

Larb Moo Isaan

Larb Moo Isaan, Thai food with a Southern flair, is one of Bangkok’s most famous street foods. Made from minced meat, it’s a staple of Thai cuisine. The soup is seasoned with galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and garlic. It’s usually served with sticky steamed rice. Some restaurants also do it with minced meatballs.

Larb Moo Isaan can be made at home in a few ways. The easiest way is to cook the pork in a small pot, then add the rest of the ingredients. You’ll want to serve the Larb with some toasted rice for an extra kick. You can also make it to share with two or three people.

Larb Moo Isaan has a distinctive flavor and a spicy kick. Initially, the pork head was attached to the pork butt. Nowadays, it’s connected to the head of the pig. This dish is available in countless restaurants all across Thailand.

Pork Namtok is another popular dish in Thailand, but it’s spicier than pork Larb. In Thai, Namtok means «waterfall.» It refers to the quantity of sweat that runs down a person’s forehead. Pork Namtok isn’t minced like Pork Larb. It’s cut into skinny slices and stir-fried with spicy ingredients.

Khao gee is another traditional dish found in many Thai restaurants and food courts throughout Thailand. It’s a thin noodle dish topped with a spicy pork salad and often served over rice. Khao Soi is another popular dish, usually served with chicken legs and accompanied by pickled cabbage.

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Somtum Der is a small, cozy restaurant that serves Isaan and northeast Thai cuisine. Michelin Guide has recognized this restaurant in the Thong Lo area. Its specialty is papaya salad, and the restaurant’s menu features ten different versions. The base papaya salad contains papaya, limes, tomatoes, chilies, and palm sugar. You’ll find the famous Tum Thai Kai Kem — salted boiled egg among the main dishes.

Baan Som Tam

Baan Somtum is a traditional Thai restaurant with a contemporary twist that offers an exceptional dining experience. The traditional dishes are prepared with fresh, authentic ingredients and provide a comfortable and refined setting for dining. The restaurant has a high standard of hygiene and only uses the finest ingredients. This is a no-compromise dining experience and is ideal for couples or families seeking a relaxing, elegant dinner.

Baan Som Tam specializes in traditional Thai food from the south of Thailand. It is owned by chef Thitid Ton Tassanakajohn, who also runs the famous restaurant, Le Du. This restaurant serves a variety of traditional Thai dishes, as well as some of his original creations. The chef has used recipes passed down from his childhood to offer authentic Thai dishes that are unique and delicious.

Som Tam dishes are among the most popular dishes in Thailand. This dish is a traditional Thai salad and is often served with sticky rice or grilled chicken. This recipe uses makuan, a citrus spice from the Rutaceae family. The sauce has medicinal properties and helps clear dizziness and improve blood pressure. It is a dish that is very popular with young professionals in Bangkok. The restaurant can get crowded, so it is best to plan to ensure plenty of time for ordering and waiting.

Som Tam is Thailand’s ambassador dish to the world. It comes in many variations, including the classic version consisting of raw papaya, tomatoes, and long beans, and the «dressed» version, which includes fermented seafood. It is a perfect starter for any authentic Thai meal.


In Bangkok, a typical meal is Tom Yum Goong soup. This noodle soup is made with a variety of seafood and spices. It’s served with lettuce and spring onions. It’s the most popular dish in Bangkok, and it is not cheap! A typical meal here will cost you around 100 THB and can satisfy a large appetite.

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If you’re looking for good Thai cuisine, Bangkok’s Chinatown is the place for you. This area is known for its street food, where you can try a mix of Chinese and Thai cuisine. You’ll be amazed by the smells that fill the streets! There are many stalls along Yaowarat Road, including Lim Lao Now, who’s been in business for over 80 years! His famous fishball egg noodles are worth the trip.

You can enjoy a variety of dishes at this restaurant, including the delicious Andaman lobster. This seafood dish is served with ground salmon and betel leaves. This restaurant is popular with tourists and tour groups, and the price is slightly higher than other restaurants. The price is 2700 baht for a tasting menu. The food is delicious and fresh, and it’s worth the trip.

If you’re interested in trying different Thai cuisine, you might want to try the famous Moo Ping. These are served in large bowls, usually less than $3 per dish. You can also find them on the streets, in night markets, or a designated area.

You can also try the Stewed Beef Noodle and Hot Pot, which costs about 180 THB. It is a hearty dish made with a rich broth. Besides the broth, this dish includes fried garlic, morning glory, and soft chunks of beef. This dish is prevalent only on weekends.

Pla Kapung Neung Manao

If you are in the mood for some delicious Thai cuisine, Pla Kapung Neung Manao in Bangkok is a must-try. It serves fresh seafood and spicy dishes to spice up your evening. Thai cuisine has various influences, but you’re sure to find something you enjoy here.

The dish has different variations, but the main ingredients are fish, lime juice, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, and steamed rice. You can also order it without rice if you prefer. This dish is popular throughout Thailand and is usually accompanied by a seafood dipping sauce.

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The restaurant serves a variety of fish, including catfish. Although this is not the prettiest fish, it is delicious. The locals tend to go for red snapper or barramundi, considered Asian seabass. Catfish is cooked over low heat to retain its meat-like texture. If you want to stay healthy and eat delicious food in Bangkok, try to choose fish with a low glycemic index.

If you’re a fan of seafood, try Pla Kapung Neung Manao. This famous Thai restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood, including steamed white snapper. This dish is a good option for a light lunch or dinner. The seafood here is moist and tender, and the soup is sweet and sour.

The fish served at Pla Kapung Neung Manao is one of the most delicious dishes in Bangkok. This dish is often called the national dish of Thailand. It was first introduced in the 1930s to promote nationalism and quickly became a hit. It is accompanied by rice and oyster sauce.

Ong Thong

Ong Thong is an excellent choice if you want low to mid-range dining options in Bangkok. This restaurant specializes in spicy and rich noodle dishes. It is located in the Ari area, north of the city. The restaurant is popular among locals and is open only after 5 pm. The cuisine is Thai-inspired, with plenty of spices and herbs. A popular dish at Ong Thong is Khao Soi.

Thai food is famous for its noodles, and this is the place to find them. Ong Thong offers a variety of noodle dishes, including Kaeng som cha-om thot, which is made with minced pork and egg and served in a sweet coconut milk sauce.

Another excellent spot is Isan Chicken Cafe, operating for 50 years. The garlic fried chicken here has crispy skin and tender meat inside. It is best enjoyed with warm sticky rice. Other dishes on the menu include Som Tum, Lap Mu, and grilled beef.

Tom yum Goong is another famous Thai dish, one of the city’s most famous dishes. This fiery broth has a spicy, sour taste and is made from a mixture of lemongrass, galangal root, and chilis. This dish is perfect for those who are not afraid of spice.

Another must-eat dish in Bangkok is a joke. This famous food was one of the first dishes to put Bangkok on the culinary map. It is typically cooked over charcoal and imparts a toasty flavor to the sticky rice. You can order a basic version with onions, garlic, and leeks or go for the lavish version with pork meatballs and liver.

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