Best Thai Food Restaurant in Portland, Oregon

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If you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine, there are a handful of options in the Portland area. But if you’re looking for a vegetarian option, you might want to check out Kati restaurant in SE Division. This restaurant specializes in vegan and vegetarian Thai food. Owner Ketsuda «Nan» Chaison creates dishes without fish, using soy sauce, other salts, and herbs to impart umami flavors. The menu includes many popular Thai favorites, like the pad thai and nam kao tod, a crispy rice appetizer with glass noodles and herbs. The restaurant is open for takeout, delivery, and dining in.

Somtum Thai Kitchen

Somtum Thai Kitchen is a new restaurant on the campus of Portland State University. It serves authentic Northeast Thai food. Its menu includes favorites like tub want a salad made of hot and sour pork livers. Other entrees include pumpkin soup with roasted rice powder and papaya salad. The restaurant also offers takeout and delivers food to customers’ homes.

This Portland restaurant is from the same team that runs Kao Soy, a renowned Thai restaurant in Red Hook. Its menu features authentic Thai recipes infused with a modern Asian flair. The menu also features fried chicken sandwiches and pad thai, a must-try. However, you should be aware that the lines here can get lengthy during peak hours.

The chef behind Somtum Thai Kitchen is Nong Poonsukwattana, a native of Bangkok. He started the business as a food cart and later opened up two brick-and-mortar locations. Nong has become a beloved Portland chef. He has a menu that includes dishes such as Khao man gai; a chicken dish often served with peanut sauce.

Another favorite is the Woodside restaurant SriPraPhai. It is a fun place to spend an afternoon with a group. While the menu is not devoted to one region of Thailand, it has a wide variety of dishes, including spicy crab curry and fragrant pork leg. You should pay in cash when dining at this restaurant.

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In addition to the traditional Thai cuisine, Somtum Thai Kitchen serves excellent street food. The food is made to order and boasts freshness. The dishes are served with exciting textures and fresh flavors. If you can’t make a reservation, you can order your food to go.


For a great Thai food experience in Portland, Oregon, you must check out Asian. This new restaurant has just opened on Forest Ave in the former location of Joy’s Crepe Cafe. It serves traditional Thai food, but you can also order delivery from this restaurant. The service is excellent, and the prices are reasonable. It has received a 4.4-star Google rating.

E-San Thai cuisine is a chain of Thai restaurants that originated in Portland, Oregon. Several locations are located throughout the Portland metro area. The menu features more than 70 dishes, including salads, stir-fries, and curries. It’s known for its seafood dishes, and you’ll find many of them on the menu.

Delivery fees vary by location. There are 110 Thai restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Try Thai Bloom in the Northwest District, Thai Peacock in Downtown, and Thai Herbs Restaurant in Kerns for local delivery. You can also order Thai takeout through Postmates, which offers curbside pickup.

Hat Yai

Hat Yai might be your place if you’re looking for the best Thai food in Portland. It’s a counter-service restaurant owned by Earl Ninsom, who has also opened PaaDee and Langebaan. It’s the most low-key of the three, sandwiched between Handsome Pizza and Podnah’s Pit. The counter is tiny, with tables for two or three. The menu includes one main dish and one side dish. The cost per person is $25, including tip.

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The restaurant started as a food cart in Beaverton and has since expanded to a brick-and-mortar location in the Nob Hill district. Its menu features traditional Northeastern Thai dishes, including tub want salad and a spicy pork liver salad. Other specialties include roasted rice powder soup and papaya salad. It offers takeout as well as delivery.

The menus at Hat Yai change regularly, but some staples are always on the menu. Fried chicken, which is named for the city of Hat Yai in Southern Thailand, is a popular dish here. The batter is lighter here than the typical American fried chicken. Rice flour is used in the coating.

The food is authentic Thai. It’s a family-owned restaurant. It offers traditional Thai dishes and a casual, family-friendly dining area. The chefs use fragrant spices and fresh ingredients. The words are colorful and have a variety of flavors. Typical dishes include Pad Woonsen, a rice dish with vegetables, and a three-flavor halibut. The menu also features spicy basil and roasted duck in the tangerine sauce.

Located at Paadee, Ninsom’s Paadee focuses on regional Thai comfort food. The menu consists of regional Thai dishes and Isan fare. It is known for its fleet of larbs and is a favorite for takeout and delivery.

Farmhouse Kitchen

While the best Thai food in Portland doesn’t always mean traveling to Thailand, it’s hard to beat the taste of authentic Thai cuisine. With its sour, sweet, and spicy flavors, Thai cuisine is among the most popular cuisines in the world. Classic dishes such as Pad Thai and Green Curry are still popular staples of Thai cuisine. Whether you’re craving traditional Thai dishes or a healthier version, Portland has a variety of Thai restaurants that cater to all palates.

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Farmhouse Kitchen is a new addition to the Portland dining scene. The restaurant’s menu touts its «New Thai Food Generation» and is described as a «modern Thai restaurant.» Though the restaurant is focused on Northern Thai dishes, it also features some Southern Thai favorites, including fried chicken and noodle soups. Customers who don’t want a complete meal can opt for a to-go box featuring colorful signature dishes.

The menu offers plenty of choices for vegetarians, but you’ll find plenty of meat and seafood dishes to please your appetite. The restaurant’s famous «Heaven» wraps contain ground chicken with peanut sauce inside a deep-fried tortilla. Other Thai dishes include green and yellow curries and a range of specials.

The decor at Mee-Sen is filled with Thai classics. The menu features pork, meatball skewers, and prawn and tofu noodle dishes. The Thai chicken wrap, a popular street dish, is another favorite. Tofu versions of the chicken wrap are available for vegetarians.

Thai Pod

Thai Pod is a family-owned restaurant that serves authentic Thai cuisine at a reasonable price. Its menu features fresh ingredients, hand-picked herbs, and hand-applied seasonings. The restaurant provides a unique setting for a meal and is a beautiful neighborhood spot.

Thai Pod’s extensive menu includes an assortment of dishes that satisfy your taste buds. You can order a Thai iced tea, chicken pad see ew, salmon pumpkin curry, and various noodle dishes. The menu also includes an extensive assortment of broths, including a Tom Yum broth reminiscent of Pad Thai.

While visiting Portland, try the Khao man gai, a dish of poached Mary’s chicken served with aromatic jasmine rice. This dish is a favorite among Portlanders. A vegetarian version of this dish is also available.

This Thai restaurant has very high-quality Thai fried chicken. The dishes at this restaurant are also incredibly flavorful. It isn’t easy to get a reservation, so plan if you want to visit. However, it is worth the wait. Despite the high demand, you can indeed have a fantastic meal.

Aside from the pad thai, this restaurant also offers a vegan and vegetarian menu. Chef Ketsuda «Nan» Chaison creates dishes without fish sauce, using soy sauce and other salts for umami flavor. It also has some popular Portland dishes, including nam kao tod, a crispy rice appetizer filled with herbs. You can also order takeout and delivery for your convenience.

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