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There are so many options for Thai food in Seattle that it’s hard to know where to start. You can try Song Phang Kong, Noodle Boat, May Kitchen & Bar, or Bahn Thai Restaurant. Look no further if you’re looking for a great, inexpensive place to get authentic Thai food.

Song Phang Kong

If you’re craving Thai food, you should check out Song Phang Kong in Seattle, Washington. The restaurant is a cozy nook in the Chinatown International District that feels like your friend’s kitchen. There are no marble counters, salvaged barn wood, or all-white cabinets – just a basic kitchen that serves authentic Thai food.

Song Phang Kong’s menu is limited, and the pricing is fair and consistent. Unlike many other restaurants, the restaurant’s owners control the prices. However, this doesn’t mean you should expect to pay a fortune to eat here. You should expect to pay around $50 a plate for a three-course meal.

The menu features popular Thai dishes from all regions of Thailand but emphasizes the central area. You’ll be able to try dishes like crispy pork belly and fried rice. You’ll also find sweet and sour flavors in your Pad Thai, such as banana blossom. The banana blossom adds depth and complexity to the dish. You can even order vegan versions of some Thai classics.

Noodle Boat

Suppose you’re craving a taste of Thailand without leaving the city, head over to Noodle Boat Thai restaurant in Seattle. This authentic Thai restaurant has a friendly staff, great food, and a pleasant atmosphere. You can also order takeout to have a meal on the go.

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This casual eatery offers a great deal of flavor for low prices. You can order traditional boat noodles or collect them as takeout, and there’s free parking next door. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find both classic Thai and American dishes at affordable prices. They also make a great selection of cocktails and beer.

Boat noodles are one of the most popular noodle dishes in Thailand. They’re rare in the U.S., except in Los Angeles, but they’re available at Noodle Boat. The broth here is thickened with coconut milk, and you can choose beef or pork, Chinese broccoli, cilantro, and scallions. The broth’s flavor is rich and complex but not too spicy. You can even order a mild broth if you’d prefer.

The original location was a hangout for Thai Airways workers, and now the restaurant has three areas. The menu has a variety of popular dishes, including fried noodle dishes. Among the specialties is the famous Old Fashion Tom Yum, made with lime juice and ground peanuts.

May Kitchen & Bar

May Kitchen & Bar is a hip, wood-clad stop that serves classic Thai fare in cozy digs. Its traditional dishes are presented with a modern spin, which makes it one of the best Thai restaurants in the city. Its food is both delicious and reasonably priced.

While Thai food is available all over Seattle, few rival May Kitchen & Bar; this restaurant, located on Vashon Island, has been called the best Thai restaurant in Seattle. It’s worth the drive or ferry ride to Vashon Island to enjoy the delicious Thai fare. The restaurant’s name, “May-kwad,” comes from its owner, May Charley.

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The restaurant’s interior is filled with mahogany and teak panels, which May Chaleoy imported from her home in Thailand. The picture of King Rama V, a hero of the people, hangs above the bar. The menu is extensive and serves various dishes from all over Thailand.

May Kitchen & Bar is one of Seattle’s most unique and exciting restaurants. The restaurant opened in 2012 and was blessed by Buddhist monks. The windows are covered with silk curtains. The menu includes dishes from northeastern Thailand, such as larb and khao soi, served with tangy chili lime dressing and green beans. It’s also known for its high-quality handcrafted cocktails.

While there are many Thai restaurants in Seattle, the best Thai restaurant in the city is May Kitchen & Bar. Despite its reputation as one of the best Thai restaurants in the city, it’s easy to miss. It’s tucked away on the back of a free-standing building in a strip mall parking lot. The menu is full of tasty dishes. The pineapple fried rice boat is a fun touch. And the deep-fried crab rangoon is among the best in the city.

Bahn Thai Restaurant

Bahn Thai Restaurant serves classic Thai fare in a converted house. It is a traditional, long-running establishment that offers delivery or dine-in dining. The food is authentic and tastes fresh. Its staff is warm and accommodating. Bahn Thai is open seven days a week.

Located on Capitol Hill, Bahn Thai serves Thai cuisine from the northeastern part of Thailand or Isan. You won’t find this type of cuisine in most Thai restaurants in Seattle, but this restaurant excels at it. You’ll find dishes like moo dad draw Thai pork jerky and soi sai lah curry sausage, made with lime leaves and lemongrass. These dishes will win over Thai lovers from near and far.

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Bahn Thai is a Seattle institution. The restaurant has been serving Thai food since 1984. Its interior has a vintage vibe, which makes it comfortable and cozy for customers. You can try the Bahn Thai Pumpkin Curry, which includes sweet Asian pumpkin, red curry, basil, and red bell peppers. Bahn Thai is just ten minutes from the Space Needle, so it’s a convenient choice for anyone visiting Seattle.

Bahn Thai is a family affair. The restaurant has been in the family since 1984. Two uncles initially opened it. The current owners, Sean Ekavithvorakul and Noppachai Mahapheeraphorn, emigrated from Thailand in 2000 and opened a restaurant in Seattle. The pair began working as dishwashers before becoming the owners. They both eventually went on to college while working at Bahn Thai.

The restaurant is a long-standing establishment in Seattle that serves traditional Thai dishes. It offers takeout and delivery. During lunch and dinner, the place is always packed. You can try the rotating “curry of the day” to satiate your craving.

Thai Ginger

Thai Ginger is a quaint, informal chain outpost that serves classic Thai dishes, noodles, and specialty dishes. It’s a nice place to get a taste of Thailand without going overboard with the price tag. Its authentic dishes are fresh, and the service is friendly and efficient.

This small but oh-so-delicious Thai restaurant is located in an easy-to-miss part of Aurora. You’ll find the restaurant on the back of a free-standing building in the middle of a strip mall parking lot. The menu features many delicious Thai dishes, including deep-fried crab rangoon and pineapple fried rice.

Thanks specialize in Isaan-style Thai food, but it also serves dishes from other areas of Thailand. Its specialty is khao soi, but you can also try its shrimp salad or Panang curry with beef. If you’re visiting the city, don’t miss Thaiku, located in West Seattle. The restaurant is named after the chef, who grew up in Lopburi, Thailand.

When it comes to authentic Thai cuisine, Seattle has plenty of options for you to choose from. There are several fine dining establishments and small, hole-in-the-wall eateries, so you’re sure to find something delicious to please your palate. Just be sure to choose a place that’s close to your hotel.

Many in the Seattle area can fulfill your cravings for Thai food if you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan Thai restaurant. You can even find one that offers delivery for your convenience. The Postmates website has over 120 Thai spots in Seattle. You can browse them all on the website and track their ETA.

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