What Are the Best Side Dishes For Pad Thai?

What Are the Best Side Dishes For Pad Thai? photo 0

If you’re wondering what to serve with pad Thai, there are several options. Some popular sides include Thai chicken satay, crab rangoon, and Thai turkey meatballs. You can also choose from a variety of salads. You can also order starters such as Thai chicken lettuce wraps or tom yum soup. Roasted chicken satay is the gold standard for authentic Thai food.

Tod Mun Khao Pod

If you love Pad Thai but are not a fan of fish, try this vegan version of the traditional Thai fish cake. The dish is trendy in Thailand and uses a corn kernel instead of fish. It is also straightforward to prepare and tastes fantastic when served with a Slightly Pickled Cucumber Salad. When making this dish, it is best to peel the corn by hand so that you preserve the whole kernel. This will result in a much better-tasting product. Also, it will prevent the corn from exploding when frying.

Tod Mun Pla is another traditional Thai dish. It contains yard beans, cilantro roots, ginger, lime leaf, and soy sauce. The word is served with a sweet chili sauce and a fresh salad. The tod mun pla will keep for several days if stored correctly in an airtight container. It can also be reheated in a toaster oven or an air fryer.

Besides the traditional chicken stew, other side dishes can enhance the dish’s flavor. Pennywort is a plant that grows wild in Isaan. The leaves are used to make a juice part of the dish. Another traditional Thai side dish is Pak Ngong. Like a lima bean, this vegetable is usually used in curries and stir-fries but can also be eaten raw with a dipping sauce. This dish is trendy in the southern region and is considered one of the best side dishes for Pad Thai.

Tom yum soup

This Thai soup is made from fresh ingredients. It contains shrimp, lime juice, pepper, tomatoes, and fish sauce. In the end, the soup is sprinkled with shrimp oil. The soup can also be made with a homemade or store-bought broth.

To make the perfect Tom Yum, you will need fresh ingredients. Try to find ingredients that are as close to the sea as possible. An excellent place to find seafood is your local fish market. Avoid frozen seafood because it won’t give the soup its desired flavor. You can also try a homemade Thai chili paste for an extra kick.

You can add coconut milk to the broth if you wish. This will add a slight creaminess to the soup without overpowering the original tom yum flavor. However, if you don’t want to add coconut milk, you can opt for evaporated milk.

What Are the Best Side Dishes For Pad Thai? image 0

Tom Yum soup is a tasty Thai soup. It is rich and savory and is easily made at home. There are wide varieties of tom yam soup, but the most common is Tom Yum Goon. This soup contains whole shrimp and prawns. These add a unique depth of flavor and texture to the broth. Another version of Tom Yum soup is Tom Yum Gai, which uses chicken broth.

Curry and coconut rolls

There are many great side dishes for pad Thai. You can also order a salad to accompany your meal. The salad can include Thai chicken lettuce wraps and tom yum soup. Both are great starter dishes and perfect companions to pad Thai. Vietnamese cucumber salad is a classic pairing of pad Thai and salad.

It would help if you also tried making coconut and curry rolls as a side dish. These are delicious and simple to make. You can make them in less than an hour, and they are perfect for pad Thai. To make the rolls, you will need green curry paste and unsweetened coconut milk. These ingredients add a unique flavor to the rolls.

If you want to serve your pad Thai with vegetables, you can serve bok choy. This emerald green vegetable has a subtle taste and satisfying crisp. If you don’t like the texture of raw bok choy, you can lightly saute it and season it with nutty spices. You can also try serving it with a salad for extra nutrition.

For vegetarians, many vegetarian side dishes go well with pad Thai. You can make a vegetarian version by combining carrots with red bell pepper. You can also use other vegetables such as bok choy or edamame.

Bean sprout salad

A classic side dish for pad Thai is a bean sprout salad. It is tossed with soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, and sesame oil pinch. It’s delicious and quick to make. You can even serve it on sandwiches! There are many variations of this salad.

In addition to being a delicious side dish for pad Thai, bean sprouts are a great source of vitamins and nutrients. They’re versatile enough to be added to stir-fries and soups. Combined with some sesame oil, bean sprout salad is packed with fresh vegetables and a delicious dressing.

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If you’d like to serve a side dish to pad Thai, you can try crab rangoon, Thai chicken satay, and Thai turkey meatballs. You can also order a simple green salad to go with it. You might also like a starter such as a tom yum soup or Thai chicken lettuce wraps. You’ll also want to try roasted chicken satay, the gold standard of Thai food.

Another option for a healthy side dish is a coconut curry salad. It’s delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare. It is also a healthy way to enjoy the savory flavors of pad Thai. This dish uses coconut milk, soybean sprouts, and curry powder, which gives the word its unique flavor. You can also adjust the amount of curry powder according to your taste.

Cashew salad

This easy-to-make salad is a great way to add extra flavor to your pad Thai meal. It can be made with several kinds of lettuce, fruits, and a creamy cashew dressing. For a spicier version, you can also add sliced chilies. If you prefer not to eat peanuts, you can use chopped cashews instead. You can substitute rice noodles for soba noodles or ramen ones.

Another great side dish is cashew chicken. This dish is an exciting fusion of American and Chinese cooking styles. It has chicken and various other ingredients. There are many variations of this dish, but the essential elements are chicken, soy sauce, and chicken stock. The dish is vibrant, so you may want to order another side dish to balance it out.

One great way to add a little extra protein to your dish is to add crab sticks. This nutty, crunchy side dish has a nice balance of spices and sweetness. Its refreshing flavor pairs well with the tang of the sauce.

Cucumber salad

To make the salad:

  1. Slice the cucumbers and toss them with salt.
  2. Steam them for about 30 minutes, then drain and add chopped onion and cilantro.
  3. Refrigerate until ready to serve. If you cannot find seedless cucumbers, you can use English cucumbers.

Chopped peanuts and onion are also good additions to the salad.

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The Thai cucumber salad is a simple, light, and refreshing accompaniment for your pad Thai. It can be served immediately after cooking or left to chill for up to a day. If you want to twist it, you can add sliced Thai bird chiles, avocado, or edamame.

Thai cucumber salad is a healthy side dish that is quick and easy to prepare. It has a tangy, sweet flavor and is a refreshing accompaniment to any meal. You can serve it with pickled red onions or peanuts for a special touch. It also helps cut down the heat level of a spicy meal.

To make the salad, cut the cucumbers in half lengthwise and place them cut-side down on a cutting board. You can then use a large chef’s knife to smash the cucumber into bite-sized pieces.

Green papaya salad

This dish can be made in a variety of ways. One method involves using a mortar and pestle. It entails crushing the ingredients with a wooden pestle to release their aromas and flavors. It also requires extra lime juice to create a tangy, sweet, and spicy dressing.

To make this salad, you will need a large bowl to accommodate the green papaya. Chopped cashews are also a good addition. For more flavor, you can also add chopped peanuts and scallion greens. The salad can be stored for at least a week in the refrigerator.

If you want a lighter side dish to go with your pad Thai, try the famous Thai Green Papaya Salad, or Som Tum, in a bowl. This salad is a traditional Thai dish with crunchy green papaya, chopped peanuts, and a sweet-sour dressing.

You can also make this salad as a standalone dish or an appetizer with your favorite protein. This salad is often served with rice or noodles, and adding raw green veggies helps offset the dish’s spiciness. If you prefer, you can make the dish vegan by using vegan fish sauce and salt. Then, you can adjust the flavors to your taste.

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