What is the Most Popular Unspiced Thai Dish?

What is the Most Popular Unspiced Thai Dish? image 0

When it comes to Thai food, there is a very high tolerance for spice, but what exactly is unspiced in Thailand? Thai food is usually highly spicy, and the typical Thai threshold is far higher than most of the rest of the world. This includes everything from hot peppers to curry. Even some of the most common everyday foods in Thailand are spicy. This includes Laab, Pla Pao, and Moo Tod Dad View.


Laab is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand, originating from the Isaan region. It is a meat salad that has a unique flavor. It is seasoned with chili flakes, toasted rice, and shallots and often served with fresh mint leaves. It can be found at most Thai restaurants.

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Lamb is traditionally served in lettuce wraps, but outside of Thailand, it is done in a bowl with warm sticky rice, cabbage, or raw vegetables. The word lamb comes from the ancient Lanna language. The term “la” means “luck,” and “b” is “fortune.” However, lamb may come from an older word, “to chop finely.”

The contrasting flavors and aromas of Laab are what make this dish unique. While many think of Thai food as one cuisine, the reality is incredibly diverse. Most northern Thai dishes contain more lime juice, while curries in the south are spicier and use lemongrass, coconut cream, and turmeric.

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Another dish that is popular throughout Thailand is larb. Although originally from Laos, larb is now common throughout Thailand and even beyond. It’s easy to make and is a perfect combination of ingredients. When served with sticky rice, it goes great with rice.

Moo Tod Dad View

Moo Tod Dad View is a dish made from pork, marinated in soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, and sugar, and then dried in the sun. The sun dehydrates the meat, giving it a jerky-like texture. Moo Tod Dad Daew is often eaten with sticky rice or jasmine rice.

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This dish is not very healthy, but it is pretty tasty. It is made from dried pork that is tied with a bamboo string. It is then grilled until it’s cooked through. A single strand costs about ten Thai Baht and goes well with sticky rice.

Play Pao

Play Pao should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a classic Thai dish. This dish is grilled fish cooked with simple spices to let the flavors permeate the flesh. It’s an authentic dish from Thailand that you can make at home with a grill or oven.

This dish is usually accompanied by white or sticky rice. If you’re worried about the spicy kick, you can substitute regular Thai chilies for the bird chilies. You can also pound the chilies with a pestle and mortar. Add about half a teaspoon of salt and a squeeze of lime juice, and you’re ready to go!

Play Pao is best enjoyed in the early evening. It’s popular with locals, and roadside barbecues are everywhere. Vendors work the grills as locals mingle. Once a fish has been gutted and filled with lemongrass and pandanus leaves, it’s grilled over charcoal. It’s then served with lime, fish sauce, and chili sauce. Some vendors even sell tilapia or snakehead fish along with the Pla Pao.

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